How To Pick A Tent

How To Pick a


If you’ve ever look into getting a tent, the options are endless. Some things to keep in mind when you’re looking for a backcountry shelter you’ll want to get an idea of size, weight, cost and use.There are different types of tents, and depending on what you’re doing.

⛺️ Free Standing

 This is the classic tent, this comes in the option of 4 season or 3 Season. For most a three season tent will suffice. 4 season tents are generally heavier, which makes them less ideal for backpacking, and are built for harsher conditions and snow. We have a 3 season tent that we feel comfortable taking our for a few snowy nights a year. That being said we wouldn’t recommend taking a 3 season tent out in a snowstorm.

⛺️ Trekking pole, Tarps & Pyramid Shelters

 If you’re looking for something Ultralight this is the way to go. A tent that uses trekking poles will forego the weight of tent poles.Tarps and pyramids don’t typically have floors, which will save you even more weight. Set up take a little more time and creativity as they require you to find space to stake out the walls of your shelter. If you already hike with trekking poles this is a great option.

⛺️ Bivy

 If you’re hiking solo and just need a place to crash at night this is a good option. Bivy's are basically just special water and wind-proof bags that go over your sleeping bag. While this won’t provide you with space to sit up like a tent will, they weight virtually nothing and pack down small. Keep in mind ventilation when using a bivy as the small space typically collects condensation quickly.

⛺️ Hammock

In recent years we have seen so many more hammocks on trail! A fun way to sleep, keep in mind if your a stomach or side sleeper they aren’t the best. You’ll also want to look into a sleeping pad or under quilt that fits your hammock. Easy to set up, they can pose a problem if you don’t have good trees where you’re planning to rest for the night.

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How To Pick A Tent
If you’ve ever look into getting a tent, the options are endless. Some things to keep in mind when you’re...
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