Choosing The Right Sleeping Bag

Before we dive in, ask yourself “Where am I going to use this?” Are you planning to go somewhere cold? Hot? Dry? Humid? Once you have an idea you can decide on a bag that will work for you!

⛺️ Choose Your Bag Style

💤 If you don’t mind being confined, mummy bags are great! They have a build in hood for extra warmth and make sore a great place to put your inflatable pillow.

💤 Rectangular bags are much more spacious but weight more and don’t pack down small (better for car camping)

💤 semi rectangular is a great in between

💤 double bag- for the cuddlers out there

⛺️ Choose Your Temperature

Sleeping bags are rated for the “average sleeper." So keep in mind what you’ll be wearing, If you typically sleep cold or hot and what your sleeping pad rating is when you choose. 

Sleeping Bags will also typically list a “comfort” temperature, and a “limit” temperature- keep an eye on temp ratings and gender specific bags. If only one temp is listed typically Men’s bags list the “limit” while women’s bags generally reflect the “comfort” temperature. 

In general summer bags work well above 30F, three season bags are great for anything above 15 and winter bags are ideal if you’re planning for some super chilly nights below 15. From personal experience we always recommend a warmer bag if possible- you can always unzip and cool down if you need to. John uses a 20 degree bag and has been comfortable camping in single digit temps.

⛺️ Choose Your Fill

💤 Synthentic: generally the more affordable option this will keep you warm even when wet. It died fast and is hypoallergenic but won’t be as light as some other options on the market.

💤 Down: lightweight and very packable this is an UL(Ultra Light backpackers dream. Down will keep you warmer and is best for dry weather camping as it won’t continue to insulate when wet. Most bags now a days are made of either a durable polyester or nylon with a DWR finish to protect against dampness. If you’re worried about our feathered friends be sure to check that the down bag you’re eyeing adheres to RDS (Responsible Down Standard) or TDS (global Traceable Down Standard)

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