As much as we love taking dope pictures of all the cool places we visit, we travel to play! 

Whether it’s rock climbing 500 feetto the top of a mountain,  paddleboarding 8 miles to an island because we heard it was cool, or rafting downclass IV rapids, we love to push ourselves to the limits.

Adventure On is who we are to our core. We are the kind of people that always say we need a vacation from our vacations. 

erica (she/her)

If you asked me a decade ago what my life will look like, I wouldn’t have said this. I wish I had some dope outdoorsy story about how I grew up backpacking, hiking, climbing, and being super bad ass. I don’t. 

Until about 8 years ago my life wasn’t anything more than late nights at the bar and days spent recovering from gnarly hangovers on the couch. Somehow I ended up outside (that’s a long story for another day) and fell completely in love with the Earth! 

In 2016, I graduated from the University of Utah as a Licensed Recreation Therapist, and have spent the last several years helping people find themselves outside. When I’m not hiking, you can find me on my yoga mat, climbing a mellow multi-pitch, or rappelling off just about anything I can find.


I consider myself lucky to have spent most of my life in Utah. I grew up in a small town east of Salt Lake City, Utah and spent a lot of my childhood outside. 

I learned at a young age to enjoy everything nature has to offer. We would spend our weekends hiking, camping, and I spent a lot of time fishing with my dad. 

Fast forward to my 20's and somehow I lost my connection with the outdoors and spent a lot of my time partying and wasting my weekends. 

After I turned 30, I decided to give all that up and reconnect with nature. I have spent the last 7 years exploring the world and finding myself through adventuring. If I had to choose my favorite adventure, it would have to be climbing. It is also how I met my future wife Erica.


1.    We met rock climbing in BigCottonwood Canyon, Utah.

2.    Our first trip was to Peru wherewe summited 15,000 feet over the Salkantay Pass.

3.    Our favorite hike is Big Pine inCalifornia.

4.    Our favorite places to camp are inthe Uintas, San Rafael Swell , Escalante, and Mammoth.

5.    We rented a van and road trippedthrough Japan in the winter of 2020 before the pandemic and went snowboarding. It's been our favorite adventure to date!

6.    We got engaged at the Grand Canyon.

7.    We have been to 3 countries, 10national parks, and 13 states.

8.    We have three amazing fur babies, Nakho - our 4 year old husky, Ayla - our 3 year old border Collie, and Fifi - our 8month old blind kitten. They LOVE adventuring with us.

9.    We are getting married in April2022 in Castle Valley, one of our most favorite places!

10.   We are headed to backpack the John Muir Trail this august and could not be more stoked!


Our adventures have taken us far and wide over the years, and we've learned a LOT.

We have spent a lot of time exploring and adventuring in our own backyard - the beautiful and wild Utah, and consider ourselves pretty well-seasoned. Visit our blog to get our tips, tricks, and recommendations for getting out there to Adventure On!

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